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Artistic Statement

Dance is the medium through which I express the most intimate aspects of my life. It is through teaching, choreographing and performing that I come to notice deeply, to question, to make meaning, to reflect and to assess social and personal issues pertaining to Art and Society.  I strive to make the viewer aware of their human relationships within themselves and the world.

I'm a Leader

As a child I was called the "white rice kid" because I had to be involved in everything. I struggled with stagnancy, I was always creating, making things happen.  It is my desire to provide experiences not only for myself but for others around me. My sense of service, leadership and entrepreneurial skills makes me the one who is always inventing and finding the means to get results.  Through my community involvement in Salt Lake City I have been able to taste the responsibilities of a coordinator, director, producer and developer providing multiple dance activities for our Salt Lake dance community.

I'm a Teacher

My contemporary technique classes are a multiplicity of movement experiences based on my over ten years of experience with the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company as well as others. These experiences range from being a student under Joan Woodbury, Murray Louis and Alberto Del Saz in traditional and performative concepts of time, space, energy, shape and total theatre in Nikolais/Louis technique to Charlotte Boye-Christensen sense of physical, virtuosic and technical sensibilities. My grounds as a teacher comes from my dance education in Utah. Most recently incorporating my Gaga movement language training as a way to fully embrace the concepts in the availability of body, mind and spirit.

I'm a Mentor

Community dance practice is my passion. I believe dance can heal the individual, communities and even unite Nations. For the last several years I have come to reunite my vocation with service and volunteerism through a series of local and international community projects. As part of my teaching load, I mentor undergraduate and graduate students in several dance community projects with "at risk" elementary and middle schools and drug, and senior rehabiltation centers around the Salt Lake Valley. As well as partner with the Movement Organization providing teaching and servicing experiences to students in Panamá.

I'm a Facilitator

I provide the necessary tools and experiences for my students to excel in areas of in-studio technical practice but also community dance practice. All of my teaching methodologies come with the human experience in mind and goals for active and imaginative learning successfully incorporating community engagement pedagogy as part of my classes. 

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