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My contemporary technique classes are a multiplicity of movement experiences based on my over ten years of experience working in a diverse repertoire with the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company amongst other companies. These experiences range from being a student under Joan Woodbury, Shirley Ririe, Murray Louis and Alberto Del Saz in traditional and performative concepts of time, space, energy, shape and "total theatre" in Nikolais/Louis technique to Charlotte Boye-Christensen sense of physical, virtuosic and technical sensibilities. My grounds as a teacher come mostly, from my dance education in Utah (Utah State University, University of Utah). Most recently incorporating my Gaga movement language training as a way to fully embrace the concepts of body, mind and spirit through the sensibilities of pleasure. Appreciation for the perfection of the physical body emphasized through one's social, intellectual and spiritual nature. 


Duration: 1 hr. 30 min.

Targeted Audience: Adapted to all levels

Contemporary Dance Technique

Nikolais/Louis Modern
Dance Technique

Nikolais/Louis technique has been the foundation from which I speak greatly. The vocabulary of this technique has become standard dance teaching methods in my practice. Wanting to be true to the technique I approach the class on a demanded step-by-step manuscript. Through the arrangement of floor to standing exercises, an emphasis is given to body initiations, articulations of the spine, lengthening of the body, and the arrangements of similar exercises in space. There is an exactness demanded by stretches, alignments and pliés fueled by wellspring motivation and imagination. The across the floor exercises start from the basis of walking and locomotor steps continues to be added to emphasize spatial awareness, dynamics, tempo and motional quality. Overall, the Nikolias/Louis technique creates the ability to experience to the fullest the wonders of the moving body. Ultimately, It provides the dancer to become the magician of their negative and positive space.


Duration: 1hr. 30 min.

Targeted Audience: Adapted to all levels

Creative Movement Classes

As a creative movement for children teacher I deal with fundamental issues of human development (physically, cognitively and emotionally) as well as on the basis of enjoyment. The goals in my creative movement classes are for children to understand dance as an art form, dance as the means for self-expression, dance as the means for self-awareness, and dance as the means of creative and joyous activity.


Duration: 30-45 min.

Targeted Audience: Elementary school children, Adults all levels

Dance and Culture-
An Empowered Experience

Dance and Culture is a class specifically for high school and college age students. This is my latest class developed with the aim to bring students together on the basis of community. In this master class I touch on issues of culture, community, ethnicity, race, identity and empowerment. The purpose for this class is to use dance as a means for cultural and self-expression understanding the history and cultural origins of selected dances. Some of the cultural dance forms covered are, but not limited to, Plena, Bomba, Seis, Danza, Salsa, Reggaeton, Afro-Caribbean, Jamaican-Dancehall, Samba Camdomblé/Carnaval, Tarantela, Mazurka & Polka. Moreover, this is a vibrant and participatory lecture and movement class where active, imaginative and personal integration are emphasized.


Duration: Lecture & Movement 2 hrs, Movement 45-1 hr.

Targeted Audience: Junior and high school students with culturally diverse backgrounds.

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