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Dance Education is a big concept which combines a great number of ideas and ways of thinking.  Through my extensive professional teaching and performing career I have come to understand the dancing world in many different ways. The knowledge of many different languages, the exposure to many different cultures, the training in many different techniques and styles of moving has opened my eyes to the many possibilities in my teaching.  I feel I am a teacher that comes with a wide range of styles continously adapting and molding my own.  I live in a state of becoming, always arriving but also leaving.  Teaching dance has given me the profound purpose and reasoning for living.  


Current Teaching Projects:

Weber State University, Adjunct faculty

Neighborhood House Senior Day Care

Wentworth Park Lane Senior Living

Capitol Hill Senior Living


Future Teaching Projects:

4th International Ballet and Choreography Competition, China

Past Teaching Projects:

6-week residency @ Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington

Choreography @ Graffiti Dance Company, WWU, Bellingham Washington

Utah ArtAccess, Dreamers Project, Salt Lake City, UT

Iraqi Youth Leadership Exchange Program, Department of State, UT

Professor Off Campus @ Bryant Middle School, UtahBerlin State Ballet School, Germany

Beijing Dance Academy, China

2nd International Ballet and Choreography Competition, China

Saturday Studio Series, Utah

Berlin State Ballet School, Germany

Panamá Dance and Cultural Exchange, Panamá

Ballet West Conservatory, Utah

Ballet West Summer Intensive, Utah

OPEN LOOK Festival- Saint Petersburg, Russia

Harrare International Festival of the Arts, Zimbabwe


"Teaching dance is more than  a skill it's an Art"

"To dance is to appropriate and to celebrate one of the most basic and perhaps most personal gifts given to us- the physical body".

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