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A dance for the camera collaboration project directed by Alejandro Valbuena, with my choreography and concept.

BURNT is based on my real life story, a monochromatic portrait, a recount of the events told by the lover's voice. A story of courage and despair triggered by a father's actions and by the traditional ways in which the boys' family was conformed.


BURNT has screened over 50 international festivals so far, winning many awards and acclaimed fame.


Palomas en el Ático

En el Ático is an inner monologue between the dichotomy of self-love, guilt, and repression. A cultural and intimate look at my human sexual condition. An adaptation of a self portrait dance work for the camera.

Directed by Alejandro Valbuena,


Choreographed by Juan Carlos Claudio.

Produced during MediaNet's Dance for the Camera 2007.


Palomas en el Ático

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