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Our Commitment...


          In placing the older adult population at the center of our social hierarchy, MINDING MOTION For Graceful Aging promotes the integration of physical, intellectual, creative, emotional, and social functioning; enhancing human potential and self-awareness.


          We believe in emphasizing dance, music and creative physical activities as tools for instilling sociability, empowerment and self-esteem. In doing so, we alter how the participants view themselves, their conditions and the environment.



          We believe in helping the participants (re) gain a sense of independence and self worth. In doing so, we help to making aging joyful regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities.



          We believe in helping the participants achieve their maximum human potential. In doing so, we lessen the complexities of medical conditions thriving towards a more graceful aging.

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Dancing With Thorns


by Spy Hop


Mary Nejatifar & Peque Curiel



Dancing with Thorns follows the lives of three Utahns diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Bravely, the three fight the disease of troubled movement with movement itself, in the form of modern dance. Learning about the lives of those affected by Parkinson’s Disease will allow us to explore alternative therapy as well as how individuals with the disease move about their lives without allowing the disease to define them.

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